Award Winning 1987 Fiero GT

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Tony's 87 GT - YBUY4EN license plate

1987 Fiero GT

ONLY 1086 sold in Canada

3.4L V6 5-speed

Tony's 87 GT - front 3/4 view Tony's 87 GT - rear 3/4 view

Owner: Tony B. – Calgary, Alberta (this is a year-round DAILY DRIVER) 
  Pontiac Division of General Motors Corporation

Mechanical Specifications:  Mid-engined V6 5-speed

Engine:     High-performance Vortech SuperCharged 3.4L OHV roller-cam, 
                 fuel injected V6 (swapped)
, ported heads, SS valves, headers, 
                 BORLA exhaust,  
Custom PROM chip for S/C 3.4L 5-speed & more…  

Displacement:  3386cc (bored .020”)

Horsepower/Torque:  Estimated @ 245hp / 265ft/lbs

Transmission:  MG 282 - Getrag designed, Muncie built 5-speed

Features:  GT package included: ground effects package & wing, tilt-wheel, cruise control, 
                 power brakes, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, power trunk release, and more…

Special Features:  IASCA Award-winning competition stereo installed 
                              Sport suspension – car has been lowered - Eibach springs
                              Wheels - Prime Wheel Corp. - Model 260 - all four 16”x7”
                              Tires - Michelin Pilot 205/55/16-front, 225/55/16-rear  

Custom Stereo Installation & Interior: by owner   

Paint & Bodywork: Body color - 2001 GM Light Toreador Red Pearl Metallic 
                              Trim Color - 1987 Medium Grey Metallic / Accents - 1987 Satin Black
                              Wrinkles Auto Body - High River 1-800-363-7504

Engine Rebuilders: D&W Custom Engine Specialties Ltd. - Calgary (403) 230-0427

Engine Assembly, Installation & Detailing: by owner

Custom Driving Lights: installation by owner

Powder Coating: Top Gun Coatings - Calgary (403) 250-5393

Window Tinting: Tint Masters - Calgary (403) 273-5514

"Invisible Bra": 3M Paint Protection film by TLC Auto Detail - Calgary  (403) 262-1522


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